The Natural Language Processing Group at Northeastern University is a group of faculties and students who work on a wide range of research problems in Computational Social Science, Machine Translation, Automatic Text Summarization, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, etc. 



CS 6120 – Natural Language Processing

CS 6140 – Machine Learning

CS 6200 – Information Retrieval

CS 4100 – Artificial Intelligence

CS 7180 – Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence


[4/20/2018] Xinyu Hua and Lu Wang’s paper¬† “Neural Argument Generation Augmented with Externally Retrieved Evidence” was accepted to ACL 2018!

[6/5/2017] Xinyu Hua and Lu Wang’s paper on “Understanding and Detecting Supporting Arguments of Diverse Types” won ACL outstanding short paper!

[8/28/2017] Lisa Fan’s paper on Do We Need Emotionally Intelligent Artificial Agents? First Results of Human Perceptions of Emotional Intelligence in Humans Compared to Robots” won best paper nomination award in IVA 2017!